How to Watch Your Kids’ Sporting Events and Not be Annoying

We have all seen it- maybe a little too up close: the parent who is freaking out from the sideline or acting as an assistant coach.

 It is so fun to watch your kids play sports, and it is exciting and fun to cheer, but keep these things in mind:

  • Do not coach from the sidelines. This confuses the players and there are too many voices.. Let the coach be the coach. If you do not like what the coach is doing, then have your player talk to them first. Keep in mind that many coaches are volunteers and if they are paid, they are in the negative when figured out hourly. They are not coaching for the money. They will make mistakes. 
  • Cheer for your player but also cheer for all of the players. Cheer, don’t criticize. These are kids and they are doing their best. I know I am  super motivated when I make a mistake and someone yells, rolls their eyes, or looks disgusted. 
  • Your player may be great, but do keep in mind that you are watching them while wearing your mom or dad goggles. I get it; I have a pair too, but try to realize that. 
  • It is really fine if your kid is not a super star out there. If they are having fun and learning and enjoying being part of the team, then that should be enough for you. It most likely is enough for them. If they want to improve, then they will work on it without you bugging them or forcing them.
  • Model good sportsmanship. Do not yell at the referee. They are not going to change their mind and they will make mistakes.  If you were berated and criticized, would you want to call in favor of that team? Do not yell at the coaches or players or parents from either team. You are embarrassing yourself and for sure your player. It is not worth it.

Happy spectating!

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