Driving (with)Miss Callie

Well, this happened!  My oldest turned the magic 15 ½ and you know what that means! Yes, she has her temporary driving permit. I really have no idea how this has happened and why a baby girl is allowed to be behind the wheel, yet it is happening. It is a totally surreal feeling to be sitting in the passenger seat being driven by my daughter. She has to log hours with a parent, so the daily, “Can I drive” and “Can I go with you and drive?” have started.

Things I have learned:

I love having this extra time with her while she is trapped in the car so we can talk and laugh.

    This is a great reminder to spend one on one time as often as you can

She does still need me. She needs me for not only the big things, but for daily guidance.

Never think your child is too old for your guidance and involvement, but don’t go overboard!

Daily check-ins are crucial

You can find out so many things and have a connection with your child even just by checking in with them daily and asking the right questions.

She still has so much to learn and experience

There are so many things she will learn by experiencing them. Give your kids as many experiences as you can and talk about everything.

She is really a smart and funny person and such a better person than I was at her age ( thank goodness)!

Really get to know your kids as individual people. You will find out how great and unique they are.

I  hope and pray that when I am not  in the car with her that she remembers what I have taught her ( You got the metaphor there, right?!).

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